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Hi, I'm Justin

Thruway Authority, the NYS Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration, and VA Medical Centers. My experience overseeing these large projects will help finalize the exciting things we have in the works. That coupled with your input, we can work together to get Little Falls where it deserves to be. I’m confident that my city government and professional experience make me the most qualified candidate for mayor of our great city. I humbly ask for your support and vote this November.




I was born in Little Falls, NY, in 1974. My grandfather Vincent DeLuis became ill in 2005. At the time, I needed to be close to my grandparents and family. My wife Andrea and I moved to Little Falls from Cambridge, MA. Andrea teaches special education in the Dolgeville Central School District. She and I are both proud to call Little Falls home. We have two wonderful children, Elizabeth, 16, and Gregory, 11.


Andrea and I have been very active in the community. I’ve been on the common council and several city boards for the last 8 years, I’ve coached youth sports for many years, and have always been active with other volunteer efforts. Andrea has had volunteer roles on the PTC at Benton Hall; she’s been a Girl Scout troop leader. Andrea has been active and supportive of the youth of our community and Dolgeville alike for many years.    


Professionally I’m involved with all day-to-day operations at North Hudson Woodcraft in Dolgeville, NY. North Hudson Woodcraft has 70 great employees. I understand the importance of businesses like North Hudson. Small businesses have a large impact on our communities.

Throughout my career, I have successfully managed large state and federal projects. I’ve managed several projects at the NYS

I've proudly served on the Common Council for nearly eight years and am currently the Common Council President; I have learned much over that time.  Municipal government is a different animal, and my experience in these positions will help ease the transition.

I've been on the Finance Committee for over eight years.  In addition to spending a lot of time on the budget each year, I have also helped negotiate contracts with the different unions.  

Being an active member of the city’s Traffic Committee, we have dealt with traffic issues by Benton Hall, added needed handicap spaces at Vet’s Park, and have made decisions regarding the potential impact of proposed new construction on Main Street.  In conjunction with the Police Chief, City Attorney, and other members of the committee, we make decisions that improve safety and make the most sense for our community.

I've spent eight years on the Urban Renewal Committee.  And over the course of that span, we have received three separate housing grants that have totaled more than 1.3 million dollars.  These grants have allowed us to help more than 40 homeowners.  The city just received word two months ago that we were approved for another large housing grant ($400,000), so be on the lookout for how to apply soon!


Growth and Opportunity

Little Falls is a city on the rise.  From the investment that has happened with Rock City Centre and the Feldmeier expansion to all of the grants we have received, we have some incredible forward momentum.  As mayor, my focus will be on maintaining that forward progress and building on it.  


As a father of a daughter at the high school and a son at Benton Hall, I know first-hand the importance of recreation and youth activities.  As mayor, I will ensure that our facilities are something we can be proud of.  We are lucky to live in a place with a fantastic school system.  I will ensure the city has a great relationship with our schools and look to collaborate at any turn.

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